Catawba River Water Pollution Control Facility

Engineered by Freese and Nichols, Inc. for City of Morganton

Approximate Construction Cost $8.5 Million | Morganton, NC

Projected Timeframe: COMPLETE

Work on this project includes demolition of structures, pavements, piping and other improvements to allow new construction; relocation of the plant effluent outfall pipe and de-chlorination vault; construction of two (2) aeration basins, diffusers, air and process piping; construction of a steel frame and masonry building to house process blowers, chemical storage and feed systems, HVAC and electrical equipment; construction of process flow splitter boxes for aeration basins and secondary clarifiers including associated process piping modifications; replacement of RAS and WAS pumps in two pump stations; piping and structure modifications to peak flow storage system; and all associated site work, piping, electrical and instrumentation work.