Stewart Mill Road and Rock Creek Lift Stations Improvements

Engineered by Davis Martin Powell and Arcadis for City of Greensboro

Approximate Construction Cost $9.2 Million | Greensboro, NC

Projected Timeframe: COMPLETE

Work on this project includes constructing the Stewart Mill Road Lift Station and upgrading the Rock Creek Lift Station. The Stewart Mill Road Lift Station includes, but is not limited to, construction of a new 10 MGD quadraplex wastewater lift station, which will consist of a cast-in-place concrete structure, submersible sewage handling pumps, electrical and control gear, an electrical/control building, and miscellaneous equipment, piping, and valves. The Rock Creek Lift Station work includes, but is not limited to, upgrades to an existing duplex wastewater lift station to increase it to a 4.3 MGD station, including new dry-pit wastewater pumps, motors, piping replacement, electrical, and an engine-driven bypass pump.