Mark B Whitaker WTP Low Service Pump Station

Approximate Construction Cost $4.6 Million | Knoxville, TN

Projected Timeframe: COMPLETE

Work on this project includes construction of a new Bulk Hypochlorite Facility to replace the existing Disinfection Facility for chlorine gas feed and storage. The Bulk Hypochlorite building will be a standalone building designed to handle and store up to four (4) 18,750 gallon sodium hypochlorite tanks. The building will include separate rooms for new chlorine dioxide generation cabinets and electrical/control equipment. The project includes site grading, soil removal and replacement, and yard utilities; new access roadway; demolition and removal of existing chlorine gas feed equipment and storage; new steel framed building with brick veneer on CMU backup founded on a concrete mat foundation supported by drilled piers; mechanical, HVAC, and electrical systems; Sodium Hypochlorite, Purate and Sulfuric acid storage tanks and containment areas; Sodium Hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide distribution piping; new fill line, tank inlet, and electrical instrumentation for the existing Wash Water Tank; and architectural finishes.