Engineered by Inflo Design Group for Westhaven Partners, LLC

$844,500.00 | Franklin, TN

This project primarily consists of the following: construction of a new cast-in-place submersible sewer lift station, including installation of two (2) wet-pit submersible chopper pumps and related accessories and appurtenances. Construction of a new valve vault, metering manhole, and emergency bypass pump connection, including all valves, instruments, and accessories as shown on Contract Drawings. Construction of a new primary electrical supply for the sewer lift station, with all electrical gear, transformers, transfer switches, panels, conduit, conductor, wiring devices and other electrical equipment required for a complete and ready for use lift station. Construction of all controls and instrumentation required for proper operation of the lift station as shown on the Contract Drawings, including all control panels, level controls, alarms, interconnects, conduit, wiring, communication cable, and related instruments and accessories. Construction of various site improvements including access drive and ornamental wood perimeter fencing.

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