Mebane Water Resource Recovery Facility Improvements

Engineered by Jacobs for City of Mebane

Approximate Construction Cost $6.8 Million | Mebane, NC

Projected Timeframe: Fall 2023

The project will consist of the following: 1) A new headworks facility with mechanical screens, grit chambers, grit pump, grit cyclone, and clarifier. 2) One, new rotating drum thickener (RDT) to be located in the existing solids building. 3)One polymer system for use with the new RDT. 4) Sludge aerobic digester modifications will be made for two digesters. Aeration diffusers and two mixers will be installed in each digester. 5) Modifications to three secondary clarifiers consisting of new Stamford effluent faffles and energy dissipating inlets for each clarifier. 6) Influent flowmeter monitoring flows from the headworks in a vault. 7) Architectural for a new electrical building and patching for the thickener building.