West Stanly WWTP & Sewer Improvements

Approximate Construction Cost $6.2 Million | Oakboro, NC

Projected Timeframe: COMPLETE

Upgrades are being made to the McCoy Creek Pump Station Piping and valving, headworks, aeration basin, secondary clarifiers, chlorine contact chambers, and gravity thickener. The disinfection and dechlorination systems will be replaced and relocated to a separate building area. RAS pump station will be replaced and a new FM installed. New aeration units will be placed within the aeration basins to replace the current mechanical mixers. The floating aerators shall include separate submersible mixing and blower assemblies. Headworks assembly shall also be relocated from McCoy Pump Station to the Wastewater Treatment site. Two of the currently abandoned 25' secondary clarifiers will be demolished and replaced with one 75' diameter clarifier. An existing 50' diameter clarifier will also be refurbished. The chlorine contact tank shall be expanded and split into separate trains.