Elkmont Campground WWTP Renovation

Engineered by Wood Engineering for National Park Service – Northwind Construction

Approximate Construction Cost $1.2 Million | Elkmont, TN

Projected Timeframe: COMPLETE

This project primarily consists of the following: renovations to an existing Wastewater Treatment Plant at the Elkmont Campground. Work includes fencing, erosion control, electrical, painting, remove and replace Palram Sunsky Skylights, remove and replace roof support post as necessary, HDPE/DIP/SST Piping, Valves, Precast Influent Manhole, replacement of Influent Fine Screen, submerged attached growth biological treatment system by DeNora Water Technologies, Back Wash Weir, Magnesium Hydroxide Metering pumps, Magnesium Hydroxide Drum, Aeration Blowers, Blower Control Panel, Backwash Pumps w/VFD’s, Return Pumps w/VFD’s, UV System, Safe T Covers, Effluent Pumps, Effluent Transfer Pump, Effluent Holding Tank Pump, Effluent Pump Control Panel w/VFD’s and Effluent Pump Tower, Hatches and Instrumentation.