Lower Berkeley WWTP Aeration Systems Improvements

Engineered by Hazen & Sawyer for Berkeley County Procurement

Approximate Construction Cost $15.7 Million | Goose Creek, SC

Projected Timeframe: Winter 2022

The principal features of the work to be performed include. Site grading and asphalt paving. Demolition of electrical, piping, mechanical surface aeration rotors, and electrical cable. Installation of a new manual bar screen in the primary clarifier by-pass channel. Construction of a new blower facility including four (4) new blowers and associated air piping, fittings, and valves. Renovation of existing aeration tanks, including installation of new diffused air piping and diffusers, installation of eight (8) submersible mixers access and support platforms, improvements to the existing elevated basin walkways, and baffle wall modifications. Modification to the existing junction structure including replacement of the existing rotating weir assemblies with four (4) new plastic weirs, four(4) new modulating weir gates, and bypass sluice gates. Construction and installation of equipment and building pads, (1) 3,000kW diesel generator system with fuel tank in a prefabricated enclosure, pre-manufactured electrical control buildings (Blower Electrical Control Building, Main Electrical Control Building), 27kV Class Switchgear, 35kV Class medium voltage cable replacement, low voltage electrical, electrical equipment and controls, including PLC, conduits, wiring, junction boxes and grounding. Installation and operation of temporary aerators and temporary by-pass pumping.