Mason Farms WWTP Solids Handling Imp. and Odor Control Imp.

Engineered by CDM SMITH for Orange Water and Sewer Authority

$6,522,000.00 | Chapel Hill, NC

Phase A - Solids Handling Improvements Demolition of three existing gravity belt thickeners and associated equipment. Demolition of thickened sludge hoppers and pumps, filtrate piping and pumps, and polymer equipment. Demolition of the fermented primary solids pumps in the Digester Building for Digesters 1 and 2. Demolition of the in-ground biofilter. Installation of solids blending tank. Installation of thicker feed pumps and blending tank recirculation pump. Installation of three rotary drum thickeners and associated equipment. Installation of a thickened solids hopper, thickened solids pumps, and piping. Installation of filtrate collection piping, wet well, and transfer pumps. Installation of polymer transfer, storage, and dilution units. Installation of fermented primary solids pumps Digester 1 and 2. Installation of ne two-staged bio-trickling/bio-filter air treatment system for odor control. Replace potable water, protected wtare and non -potable water piping. Replacement of heating, ventilation, and air handling systems. Eletctrical improvements for power and controls of new equipment. Control integration with plant-wide SCADA network. Phase B - Headworks Corrosion and Odor Control Improvements Decommissioning and relocation of temporary carbon treatment and air piping system at Headworks flume. Installation of new level instruments, power, and controls in Splitter Box 1 and temporary removal and replacement of level instrument in Headworks flume, as well as integration of new controls with a plant-wide SCADA system. Demolition of existing cover system and supports overflow diversion box, flume and effluent box, and installation of a new cover system. Demolition of existing odor control ductwork, installation of new ductwork, and balancing of airflow. Demolition of existing gates and installation of new gates. Installation of permanent gravity bypass and appurtenances. Demolition, replacement, and epoxy coating of concrete wall surfaces in flow diversion box, flume, effluent box, and overflow box. Structural modification to Junction Box 3 to accommodate bypass system. Provisions and operation of temporary pumped bypass and diversions to accomplish work.

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